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Rathcown Rd, Reservoir

Simple, modest single storey dwelling in the rear yard of an existing dwelling.  The brief: make use of the rear yard and get a planning permit

This modest two bedroom home is simple but was carefully considered in it’s design.  The space available was not small due to site constraints (including a proposed addition to the existing dwelling at the front of the site) so careful thought and planning was required.  As a result, the modest sized living area feels deceptively larger than it actually is.  The northerly aspect of that room has resulted in a space which feels very open and is filled with light.  The now very satisfied client’s additional requirement for double-glazed windows throughout, along with standard wall and roof insulation, means that even on the hottest of Melbourne days, they don’t have to turn their air-conditioning on – the benefits of 6-star energy ratings!

planning Consultant – Cityshire Planning P/L.